Author: Tim Falla, Paul A. Davies

Version: 1st edition

Year: Oxford University Press, 2008


  • Solutions iTools is a disc with Interactive Whiteboard resources, available across all five levels. Solutions iTools contains pre-selected course content from the Student’s Book and other course components, chosen for its interactive potential.
  • Solutions iTools can be used for different stages of the lesson and classroom activities, such as grammar presentations, feedback, games, and pronunciation exercises.
  • Every activity includes an interactive help file, which explains how it works, and how to do it in class.
  • Solutions iTools includes electronic flashcards to assist students with preparation for oral exams, wordlists, alphabet, number, and pronunciation chart ‘pop-ups’ with audio, and teaching notes for each activity.
  • The material was selected especially for its interactive potential and includes all class audio tracks.
  • Electronic flashcards assist with preparation for your oral exams.
  • Alphabet, numbers, and pronunciation chart ‘pop-ups’ available anywhere within Solutions iTools.
  • Teaching notes were included on the CD-ROM itself.
  • Works on any interactive whiteboard or eBeam.
  • Also compatible with data projectors, laptops, and PCs.

(iTools) 1st edition – Solutions Pre-Intermediate iTools

Download “(iTools Part 1) 1st edition - Solutions Pre-Intermediate iTools”

solutions_preintermediate_itools_part_1.rar – Downloaded 4 times – 80.00 MB

Download “(iTools Part2) 1st edition - Solutions Pre-Intermediate iTools”

solutions_preintermediate_itools_part_2.rar – Downloaded 8 times – 67.92 MB

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