Format File :Multimedia Disc

Author: Tim Falla, Paul A. Davies

Version: 1st edition

Year: Oxford University Press, 2008


  • Every lesson has an outcome: the “I can” objective in each lesson gives students an immediate sense of achievement.
  • Clear lessons mean Solutions is quick to prepare and easy to use.
  • All school-leaving exam topics and task types are covered in Solutions.
  • Maximum support for speaking and writing. Teachers who use Solutions say that “every student spoke! “.
  • Vocabulary Builder and Grammar Builder in the Student’s Book provide plenty of extra practice.
  • MultiROM is both a CDROM (containing interactive games) and an Audio CD (containing listening material) on one disk.
  • In your computer.
    – interactive activities to practice all the grammar and vocabulary included in the Student’s Book,
    – Exercises to help improve your writing and listening,
    – Games to help you revise what you’ve learned.
    In your CD player.
    – audio tracks for listening exercises in the Workbook.
    You can also use the computer (using software such as CD Player or Media Player) to access the listening material, but you will need to ‘Exit’ the interactive games first.

(CD) 1st edition -Solutions Pre-Intermediate Multimedia Disc

Download “(CD Part1) 1st edition -Solutions Pre-Intermediate Multimedia Disc”

solutions_preintermediate_multimedia_disc_part_1.part1.rar – Downloaded 2 times – 115.00 MB

Download “(CD Part2) 1st edition -Solutions Pre-Intermediate Multimedia Disc”

solutions_preintermediate_multimedia_disc_part_2.part2.rar – Downloaded 4 times – 110.18 MB

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