(3rd) Solutions Elementary Teacher’s Resource Disk

Format File : Resource Disk

Author: Tim Falla, Paul A. Davies

Version: 3rd Edition

Year: Oxford University Press, 2018.


The Teacher’s Resource Disk contains:
Photocopiable Activities to practice new language communicatively
DVD Worksheets with extension activities and teaching notes for every Student’s Book Culture lesson
Teacher’s Guide with full teaching notes and extra activity ideas
Course Test Audio

Photocopiable Activities
For every Student’s Book unit there are vocabulary and grammar worksheets to practice new language communicatively. Students can use these when they have finished the corresponding vocabulary or grammar lesson in the Student’s Book.
In addition, for every unit there is a Grammar Review worksheet which consolidates the grammar from the whole unit. This can be used at the end of the unit.
All units also contain either a Functional Language Practice worksheet or a Vocabulary Review worksheet that revises vocabulary from the whole unit.
The Introduction Unit contains one Vocabulary Review and one Grammar Review to be used at the end of the Introduction Unit.
All photocopiable activities are accompanied by full teaching notes with answer keys.

DVD Worksheets
Use the DVD worksheets with the Course DVD clips to extend the theme and topic of every Student’s Book Culture lesson.
Every worksheet is supported by full teaching notes with background notes, answer key and DVD script.
The DVD Culture videos are on the Course DVD and the Classroom Presentation Tool.

Teacher’s Guide
The Teacher’s Guide contains full teaching notes with ideas in every lesson for extra or alternative activities, suggestions on how to adapt material for strong and weak learners, and extension activities for fast finishers.

Twenty-first Century Skills Projects
There are three Twenty-first Century Skills Projects: one to be used after every three Student’s Book units. The Projects ask students to work collaboratively and to use English in an authentic situation to complete a task. The Projects are carefully structured to encourage students to think creatively and critically, and to evaluate their own and others’ work.
Project 1 School shake-up: our proposal Units 1–3
Project 2 Web page: the low-down on our town Units 4–6
Project 3 Video: life hacks Units 7–9Course Tests Audio
The audio for the nine Progress Tests and three Cumulative Review tests is on this disk and can be played on a CD player or a computer. The tests are available separately in customizable and ready-to-use formats.

(3rd) Solutions Elementary Teacher’s Resource Disk

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