Adult Learners’ Thesaurus – Expand your Vocabulary

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  • Particularly useful for adult learners is the series of Vocabulary Choices Boxes which appear at entries such as hide and poor. These boxes have been specially written to provide discussion points about synonyms that are appropriate for particular contexts or purposes, or that hint at meanings beneath those on the surface. The boxes are intended to heighten awareness of the ways that words are used and how they can influence us, an awareness that the student can apply in daily life.
  • Another feature of this thesaurus is the inclusion of panels containing ‘types of’ (for example accommodation and story) which give learners more words at their disposal, and another way to express themselves. To encourage ease of use, the layout is open and attractive, with entry words picked out in colour
  • to make them immediately accessible. An identifying letter is printed at the side of the page, showing the user where they are. The typeface used has the approval of the British Dyslexia Association. All these features make Chambers Adult Learner’s’ Thesaurus An invaluable resource for adult students of literacy, for both guided work and everyday reference.

(PDF) Adult Learners’ Thesaurus – Expand your Vocabulary

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