American Speakout Starter Student Book (Beautiful PDF)

Format File : PDF

Author: Frances Eales, Steve Oakes

Pages: 95p

Year: Pearson Education ESL, 2017.


  • American Speakout is a six-level series based on topics that are relevant to students’ lives and global in nature. Its emphasis on authentic listening opportunities and presentation of language in context enables learners to personalize the language they learn and express themselves confidently in real English-speaking environments. American Speakout follows a balanced approach to topics, language development, and skills work.
  • Authentic, real-world language, challenging activities, and recycling of language builds student confidence in understanding context and communication.
  • Video clips and interviews on the street expose students to a wide range of language and accents, familiarizing them with English as it is spoken.
  • Course package includes a wealth of practice material in specific areas including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills.
  • Clear objectives in every unit help students focus on what they will achieve so they can see how they are improving.
  • Motivating lessons and practice materials engage learners, encouraging them to spend more time on task and make faster progress.
  • Tasks and activities encourage students to work collaboratively and build skills essential for both study and work.

(PDF Beautiful) American Speakout Starter Student Book

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