Business Grammar Builder

Format File : PDF

Author: Emmerson Paul

Year: Macmillan, 2002.


  • Business Grammar Builder helps students improve both their grammar and Business English vocabulary. It is designed for students studying at intermediate level or higher and can be used both in the classroom and for self-study.
  • 50 units of clearly structured grammar explanations with graded practice exercises set in business contexts
  • Low to high context exercises, starting with gap-fills and matching activities. Leads into high-context practice based on telephone calls, emails, company reports etc.
  • Authentic and interesting texts and citations from leading business sources
  • 16 progress tests for revision and consolidation
  • Comprehensive index, glossary of grammar terms and answer keys for all tests and exercises
  • For students: Business Grammar Builder is a valuable resource for students preparing for the BEC Vantage and the TOEIC examinations. (The first level, Essential Business Grammar Builder, is suitable for BEC Preliminary Level. )
  • For teachers: Business Grammar Builder can be used alongside the Business Builder Teacher’s Resource Series to create the ultimate, personalized Business English course.

(PDF) Business Grammar Builder

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Set for books:
Longman TOPIC
Eyes Open TOPIC

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