Cambridge Checkpoint. World English Lower Secondary 7. Student’s Book

(PDF) Fiona Macgregor, Daphne Paizee, Sioban Parker. — Hodder Education, 2021. — 379 p.This series offers full coverage of the learning objectives for the Cambridge Lower Secondary English as a Second language curriculum framework (0876) and is mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference.Stimulate learners with model texts and a range of activities to develop skills, knowledge and comprehension.
Revisit previous knowledge with the ‘Do you remember?’ feature to recap topics and activate schema, along with practice tasks, exercises and ‘Challenge yourself’ activities to consolidate learning.

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Set for books:
Cambridge Checkpoint. World English Lower Secondary 7. Workbook

Clearly address the key objectives: reading, writing, speaking, listening and use of English.
Support activities and knowledge covered in the Student’s Book with the accompanying Workbook and Teacher’s Guide with Boost subscription.

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