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Idioms are funny but they can also be confusing. By reading this illustrated guide to English idioms you will familiarise yourself with some of the most common English idioms, giving you the skills needed to spot an idiom in conversation and perhaps even refer to one yourself.The eBook is divided into six sections. The first covers idioms referring to the natural world. The second covers idioms referring to parts of the body. The third covers idioms used to talk about feelings and emotions. The fourth covers idioms used to describe a bad mood. The fifth covers idioms to express understanding. The sixth and final section covers idioms related to having fun.Once you’ve familiarised yourself with some common English idioms try slipping them in to your everyday English conversations. By improving your knowledge of English expressions you’ll be elevating your English learning to a new level.

(PDF) English Idioms-Top Tips: Mastering the Current English

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