IELTS The vocabulary files Advanced Student’s book & keys

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Author: Betsis Andrew, Haughton Sean.

Year: GlobalELT, 2011.


  • The Vocabulary Files series consists of 5 Books, 64 p. each, for CEF Levels: A1- A2 – B1 – B2 – C1 – C2
  • The aim of the series is to give students the chance to expand their vocabulary in different areas.
  • Each unit deals with a common Vocabulary topic; the vocabulary is taught through a variety of exercises with lots of illustrations to make them more lively and interesting.CEFR Level C2 Proficiency
  • The Business World
  • The World of Politics
  • Employment Page
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Different Kinds of People
  • Poverty and Social lssues
  • Food, Travel and Holidays
  • lssues Facing Young People
  • Medical and Health lssues
  • The Entertainment lndustry and the Mass Media
  • Environmental lssues and the Natural World
  • General, low-frequency, Advanced Vocabulary

(PDF IELTS The vocabulary files Advanced Student’s book & keys

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Set for books:
Longman TOPIC
Eyes Open TOPIC

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