Illustrated Phrasal Verbs

Format File : PDF

Author: Betsis Andrew, Mamas Lawrence.

Page: 80 pages

Year: Global ELT, 2010.


The book aims to build up students knowledge of phrasal verbs through full colour illustrations, which are accompanied by graded exercises. The phrasal verbs are recycled in each unit through a variety of exercises..It consists of 10 Units; there are also 2 Review Units, (units: 1-5, and 6-10) which revise and consolidate the Phrasal verbs that students have already been taught.It is intended for intermediate/upper-intermediate level students (B2) who want to practice or revise their knowledge of this area of the language. It can be used in the classroom, or for self-study purposes.

(PDF) Illustrated Phrasal Verbs – Betsis Andrew, Mamas Lawrence.

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