Junior Reading Expert Level 2

Format File : PDF

Page: 89 pages.

Year: Neungyule Education, Inc., 2010


A Theme-Based Reading Course for Young EFL Learners
Junior Reading Expert is a form of reading textbooks for elementary school and junior high school students targeted. It has been configured to improve reading comprehension skills through various types of prints and problems of in-depth information.
1. Informative and interesting content on a variety of topics
– The fingerprints of interesting and fruitful information to stimulate their intellectual curiosity in students’ eye level.
2. Depth of knowledge and information
– Delivers in-depth knowledge and information than to configure a unit to two fingerprint associated in content.
3. A variety of problems for Reading Skills Training
– Multiple-choice questions as well as open-ended narrative Finding topics through various question types, identify the details, to reason, understand the structure, such as to enhance the core reading skills.
4. Various types
– Articles, letters, discussions, interviews, fiction, etc. The fingerprints of different genres and enables students to become familiar with the format and style of the various articles.
– 20 Units (40 readings)
– Vocabulary List
– Answer Key

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Eyes Open TOPIC

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