Kid’s Box 2 Pupil’s Book PDF

Kid's Box 2 Pupil's Book PDF

Format File : PDF

Version: Updated 2nd Edition

Athor:Caroline Nixon, Michael Tomlinson.

Year: Cambridge University Press, 2017


Kid’s Box 2 Pupil’s Book PDF – Kid’s Box is a brand new, seven-level course for young learners. Bursting with bright ideas to inspire both teachers and students, Kid’s Box gives children a confident start to learning English. All seven levels of Kid’s Box follow the syllabus for the YLE tests with each cycle correspondong to one of the three tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers. Kid’s Box provides thorough preparation for the Cambridge English (YL tests) through a fun and engaging learning experience.

(PDF) Kid’s Box 2 Pupil’s Book

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