Longman Pronunciation Dictionary CD-ROM 3rd edition

Format File : CD ROM

Version: 3rd

Year:  Longman, 2008


The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary:Helps students with over 225,000 pronunciations in both British and American English using the International Phonetic Alphabet
Helps students with intonation by showing the stress patterns of thousands of compounds and idioms
User-friendly graphs show the preferred pronunciations of British and American speakers, based on extensive research by Professor Wells NEW – now with the Longman Pronunciation Coach CD-ROM
Students can listen to the pronunciation of all entries in British and American English, then record and check their own pronunciation
Self Study Lab – Students can learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and practice their pronunciation with thousands of interactive exercises and feedback from Professor Wells
Teachers’ Resource Centre provides you with downloadable exercises for use in classAbout the AuthorJohn Wells is Emeritus Professor of Phonetics at University College London and is the former holder of the Daniel Jones Chair of Phonetics at the Univeristy of London. His interests centre on the phonetic and phonological description of languages but also extend to lexicography and language teaching. He directs UCL’s annual Summer Course in English Phonetics. He is a frequent contributor to BBC radio (R2, R4, R5, BBC English). Based in Britain at UCL throughout his career, he has over the years given invited lectures in many different countries throughout the world. His best known publications are Accents of English (3 vols, Cambridge University Press 1982) and Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (Pearson Education, third edition 2008).

(CD ROM) Longman Pronunciation Dictionary 3rd

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