Look 1 (American English)

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Year: NGL, Cengage Learning, 2019. 


The world is an amazing place. Get up close with Look, a 7-level series for young learners of English.
See something real with amazing photography, authentic stories and video, and inspiring National Geographic Explorers. Help learners make connections in English between their lives and the world they live in through high-interest, global topics that encourage them to learn and express themselves.
With short, fresh lessons that excite students and make teaching a joy, Look gives young learners the core language, balanced skills foundation and confidence-boosting exam support they need to use English successfully in the 21st century.

(PDF – High Quality ) Look 1 Student’s Book (American English)

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(Audio ) Look 1 Student’s Book (American English)

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(PDF – High Quality ) Look 1 Teacher’s Book (American English)

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(Audio ) Look 1 Workbook (American English)

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Look 1 Worksheets(American English)

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(Audio) Look 1 Anthology (American English)

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(Video) Look 1 Video(American English)

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Download “(Part2) Look 1 Video(American English)”

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(PDF) Look 1 Flashcards (American English)

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