More! 4, 2nd edition Presentation Plus DVD-ROM. British English

AUTHORS: Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Günter Gerngross, Christian Holzmann, Peter Lewis-Jones.

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Set for books:
More! 1, 2nd edition Presentation Plus DVD-ROM
More! 2, 2nd edition Presentation Plus DVD-ROM
More! 3, 2nd edition Presentation Plus DVD-ROM

MORE! Second edition is a four-level English course from highly respected authors that inspires young teenagers to learn.

Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM 4 combines the content of the Student’s Book, audio CDs and video from the DVD and transforms the Student’s Book into an engaging, interactive classroom resource.With the MORE! Interactive Classroom DVD-ROM teachers can access the course audio and video quickly and easily during lessons. They can zoom in on individual activities, highlight and hide text and add notes with links to other resources.MORE! Second edition software is Windows and Mac compatible and can be used with interactive whiteboards, portable whiteboard devices, or simply with a computer and projector.

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