New Guide to Phrasal Verbs: English to Spanish

Format File : PDF

Author: Edward R Rosset

Page: 148 pages

Year: Editorial Stanley, 2004


Guide to Phrasal Verbs has been designed for both English and Spanish students. In these pages, English speakers will find an exhaustive list of phrasal verbs along with various suggestions on how to translate them into Spanish. Most of the verbs are illustrated by example sentences when this clarifies their meaning and usage.
Spanish speakers – who undoubtedly have difficulty grasping the meaning of verbs that change completely with the addition
of different prepositions or adverbs – will also benefit from the many practical examples in both languages.
This book provides a detailed reference guide to phrasal verbs. For students wishing to master these strange but indispensable verbs thoroughly, Stanley also publishes a companion volume, Phrasal Verbs – Exercises, which is complete with answer key.

(PDF) Illustrated Phrasal Verbs

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