[PDF Audio] Insight Elementary Workbook

[PDF Audio] Insight Elementary Workbook

Format File : PDF Audio 

Version: Elementary

Year: Oxford University Press, 2013.


The insight workbook provides further practice of the language taught in the Student’s book plus an abundance of extra resources including Literature insight, Pronunciation insight and Exam insight sections.The workbook supports the lessons in the Student’s book with extra exercises for every lesson, a unit-by-unit wordlist with dictionary-style definitions, and a grammar reference and practice section which is linked to the grammar lessons in the Student’s book. The workbook also contains optional extra lessons and activities in the form of the Literature insight bank which is made up of a set of literature lessons which will introduce your students to classic pieces of English Literature, the Pronunciation insight section with activities to develop students’ pronunciation skills, and Exam Insight which offers preparation and practice for school-leaving exams.

(PDF) Insight Elementary Workbook

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(Audio) Insight Elementary Workbook

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