Format File : PDF & Audio MP3
Version: Second Edition for the New 2016 Format
Year: Compass Publishing, 2018.

Taking the TOEIC is a comprehensive guide to taking the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test. This book can be used as the perfect companion manual for self-learners or as a classroom text. The book is targeted for those who have experience with the TOEIC test but are looking to improve their basic TOEIC skills, fix commonly-made errors, and polish their English grammar to avoid simple mistakes. This book is made up of four chapters: three go over each section of the test in detail and one is a practice test.
Teachers can create an interactive classroom using Class Loop. Class Loop is a new Classroom Response Application. It shows students answer questions in real-time. Teachers can easily check where students are struggling and excelling.
In addition, Class Loop will provide questions based on that question type to drill students.
Examples and explanations of every part, including the new question types
Systemic exercises to drill test-taking strategies for every section
Tips and tricks to help test-takers solve questions even quicker

(Audio) Taking the TOEIC Skills and Strategies 1 Student’s

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