TOEIC Academy (PDF Audio)

Format File : PDF & Audio

Author: Minh Tam, NTV

Page: 280p

Year: 2009.


The Optimum TOEIC Preparation Course.Listening Comprehension.
Reading Comprehension.
Lesson 01: Sentence Structure.
Lesson 02: Nouns and Articles.
Lesson 03: Adjectives and Adverbs.
Lesson 04: Agreement.
Lesson 05: Pronouns and Demonstrative Adjectives.
Lesson 06: Comparatives and Superlatives.
Lesson 07: To-infinitives and Gerunds.
Lesson 08: Participles.
Lesson 09: Active vs Passive Constructions.
Lesson 10: Tenses and Conditionals.
Lesson 11: Conjunctions and Prepositions.
Lesson 12: Relative Clauses.
Actual Test.
Scripts and Answers.

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