TOEIC Icon R/C Intensive (PDF)

Format File : PDF

Author: Darakwon Inc.

Page: 405 p

Year: 2012.


The TOEIC ICON series is designed to help you cope with these new challenges. Beginning with the Basic level (LC and RC), the TOEIC ICON series introduces basic vocabulary and grammar patterns and provides you with extensive practice to acquire them. Through step-to-step lessons, the skills and strategies to effectively handle all parts of the test are at the forefront of the series. The higher level, Intensive level, is intended to give you intensive strategy building and in-depth practice to help you achieve a high score in the new TOEIC test. Whether your target score is an entry level of 400s or a more advanced score of 700-800s, TOEIC ICON series is your ideal choice.

(PDF) TOEIC Icon R/C Intensive

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