Activating 1001 Words for IELTS

Format File : PDF

Year: Adams & Austen Press, 2007.


  • Informs you how to analyze vocabulary for use.
  • Presents a sentence with word and a context they are easily understood.
  • Offers a half sentence to be completed that tests your understanding of meaning and use.
  • Invites you to construct your own sentence from your own ideas or imagined context.
  • Activates your memory and ability to use the language through paraphrasing; that is, giving you sentences to write using the words.
  • Gives you a chance to think through the language by answering a word puzzle by yourself or in conversation with others.
  • Provides the opportunity to improve your knowledge and expertise through spelling, pronunciation, revision and extension exercises.

(PDF)  Activating 1001 Words for IELTS

Download “(PDF)  Activating 1001 Words for IELTS” burgess_keith_activating_1001_words_for_ielts.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 56 MB

Set for books:
Longman TOPIC
Eyes Open TOPIC

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